Why Coaching?

I’m passionate about helping people to make successful changes in their personal or professional lives. My warmth and empathy is backed up by years of professional and personal experience. 

As a strong believer in strengths-based and Positive Psychology coaching, I help people to identify and leverage their unique strengths and values to make the change they desire – and to never stop believing in themselves! 


There are lots of different types/labels put on coaching but for me, coaching is all about helping the person sitting in front of you to make changes in their lives, by helping them identify what it is they really want and how to get there. We provide the following coaching services: 

  • Personal Coaching (or Life Coaching): helping someone to improve their work-life balance, find their purpose in life, enhance their overall well being or improve their own self-regard
  • Leadership Coaching: Empowering leaders to do exceptional work, by helping uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses within. Creating goals to enable leaders to track their progress. I have a specific interest in, and passion for, working with female leaders
  • Business Coaching: Supporting people in all lines of work, including executive coaching for senior managers, interview coaching for job-seekers or start-up business coaching for entrepreneurs.   

Coaching can also be effective in building a healthy self-esteem to counter feelings of anxiety, to improve close relationships and resolve conflict, either in a personal or professional setting. 





Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching (Kingstown College)


Do you answer Yes?

  • Do you want the time and space, in a safe environment, to think out loud and solve your problems?
  • Are you open to receiving feedback from others?
  • Are you open to trying things that others suggest?
  • Are you open to making positive changes?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, contact us today! 

Outdoor Environment Coaching

As a walker, runner and hillwalker, I’m also a huge believer in the power of the outdoors to improve overall well-being.

We include Outdoor Coaching as part of our offering of services.

People come to coaching for lots of different things, but the bottom line is change - Deirdre helped me with that complete pivot in my life
James C


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