A special review to my Life Coach Carmel Woods Kelly from Aspire U2B. My journey to date with life coaching has been nothing but pleasure. Looking forward to my next session already. If you need to find yourself, move forward, set goals and be accountable for them, then most certainly hire Carmel to help you find the answers within. From personal experience, can highly recommend.

Karen Barody – Dublin

Deirdre provides a very comfortable and engaging space for personal development and self exploration. The personal and professional support that she provides certainly helped me to explore and improve areas of myself that I had not done before. This helped me to review my own goals and focus on the areas that were most important to me for the future

Tom (Dublin)

I have found counselling with Carmel to be very rewarding. This is because I have been able to see how my thoughts and beliefs were not helpful and were holding me back from getting the most from life. She has helped me to become more assertive and less conflict avoidant which has helped my relationships in my family and with my partner. I feel more confident in myself and hopeful for the future. I think using CBT and mindfulness have been the most beneficial. I feel so relieved after every session, like a big weight has been lifted off my mind. I would give her 10/10 for all the great work and progress we have made.

Maria (Dublin)

Deirdre is a professional, warm and supportive coach who helped me take a step back and look at my life and career objectively. Her patient and honest nature made me feel safe to open up and speak freely while her commitment to me kept me on track, accountable for my actions and helped me to achieve my goals

Anna C (Dublin)

Going to counselling and having Carmel as my therapist has been life changing. She has been very supportive and has helped me to feel heard and understood. I am now more self aware and able to question the truth about my thoughts about others and beliefs about myself. Carmel has brought me out of myself to the point where I feel more confident and want to be out doing things and spending time with people. She has helped me recognise my good qualities and skills which has had a big impact on my self worth. I would definitely recommend Carmel for anyone who needs counselling.

Peter (North Dublin)

When I was at a cross-roads, Deirdre helped me to figure out the right career path for me, through helping me identify what my key strengths were and how I could best use them in my new career. Deirdre was always a calm and supportive presence

Nick (Dublin)